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To create value, to become the country's well-known brands in the packaging industry.


-Focus on customer needs, provide competitive products and services, to create maximum value for customers.
-Customer demand is the driving force for the development of the company, so that customer satisfaction is the highest purpose of company products.
- To reduce costs through technological innovation and scale production, honesty and faith to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
- Seeking attention on products quality. Like-minded, consistent values of the user, abandon the low price competition.
-The core value of competition should pay more attention to the customer's business philosophy, rather than the price of the products


To build a fair and open platform to attract a group of like-minded, diligent and pragmatic, honest and trustworthy, the pursuit of success, caring, disciplined, responsible staff. Help us to showcase talent, realize the value of life and dreams in life with dignity. With a good incentive mechanism, promotion mechanism, distribution mechanism of feedback and enthusiasm the toil of each employee, and jointly create a harmonious working environment with a sense of belonging and spiritual home.


- Good faith: loyal to the company, customers, colleagues, honesty is the foundation of mutual trust, mutual trust is the basis for unity, harmony and unity is the fundamental.
- Love: love for customers in order to survive, the company is full of love can be developed to colleagues in love can be of help.
- Responsibility: responsible work is weightier than Mount Tai. Adhere to the responsibility, have the responsibility to the people of things.
- Work efficiency: efficiency, rather than pay time, little income, something that day that day. Bi
- Active: active work, no need to hurry. The cooperation team first.
- Cooperation: encourage team cooperation .Abandon personal heroism.
- Innovation: encourage employee innovation, in any position more.
- Talent: excellent staff is enterprise's greatest wealth, but also the core competitiveness of enterprises.
- Share weal and woe, woe, equality, prosperity and personal interests, closely related, in the face of adversity to redouble their efforts, the equality of personality the system, not to engage in any privilege.
- Pay: do a good job of the process, waiting for the results, the process is solid, the results of natural is wonderful.

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