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    • Double Heads Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Double Heads Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Technical Specification:

    Item:Double heads sleeving label machineDouble heads sleeving label machineDouble heads sleeving label machineDouble heads sleeving label machine
    Voltage (v)220VAC220VAC220VAC220VAC
    Product speed (b/m)200 per head300 per head400 per head500 per head
    Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body(mm)Ф28 -Ф125Ф28 -Ф125Ф28 -Ф125Ф28 -Ф125
    Applicable length of label (mm)30~ 25030~25030~25030~250
    Applicable Thickness of  Label(mm)0.03  ~0.130.03  ~0.130.03  ~0.130.03  ~0.13
    Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube(mm)5"~10" adjust freely5"~10" adjust freely5"~10" adjust freely5"~10" adjust freely
    Size of Host Machine(mm)3200L*1200W*2070H3200L*1200W*2070H3600L*1400W*22003800*1500*2400
    product description

    In order to meet the needs of markets at home and abroad, our company has researched and developed double heads machine  to meet the requirements of casting label for bottle mouth and bottle body. 

    Advantages: the machine can be used in two ways. It not only reduces a label machine, but also proves as cost effective for our clients;

    It reduces the length of conveying line and avoids the secondary transportation and stumbles label in the process and increase the quality of production .

    so that it increases the production efficiency and the  saving space of floor area. 

    Applicable bottle types : 

    It is applicable for different bottles or cans . for example:  glass bottles . plastic bottles and iron or aluminum bottles, can.

    Applicator for bottle shape : round bottle, square bottle bottle . flat bottle, Curved bottle and abonormity  bottle. 

    Feature : 

    1.Fully automatic operation , one machine dual -use .

    2.No bottle: No sleeve-feature (eliminates wastage) 

    3.Rotary cutting system 

    4.Can handle round glass/plastic bottles 

    5.Speed of 40 bottles to 500 bottles/min depending on the cut length of the sleeve 

    6.Servo motors for more accuracy 

    7.Fitted with digital PLC control 

    8.Height adjustments to suit height variant bottles 

    9.Eye mark sensor for accurate cutting in printed sleeves 

    10.VFD used to increase or decrease the speed wherever necessary 

    11.Can easily be synchronized with a tunnel 

    Configuration of machine : 

    Parts list of Shrink sleeve labeling machine
    Work unititemmodelNofactoryorgin
    Cutter head unitAC motor5IK90GU-CF-25KB2ZDTaiwan
    Clean-downAC motor5IK120A-CF2ZDTaiwan
    Material supplyAC motorRV50-20K-1802ZDTaiwan

    Frequency converterATV12H018M22schneiderFrance

    optical sensorsCX-4212PanasonnicJapan
    Bottle carryingAC motor5IK90GN-SF-5GN7.5K1ZDTaiwan

    Frequency converterATV12H018M21schneiderFrance
    Bottle separationAC motor5IK90GN-SF-5GN0.75K1ZDTaiwan

    Frequency converterATV12H018M22schneiderFrance
    Hairbrush unitAC motor4IK25GN-C-4GN3K2ZDTaiwan
    Cutter head unitServo motorBCH0801*1*1C  400W3schneiderFrance

    Sevro driverLXM23CU04M3X  400W2schneiderFrance

    Mini optical sensorsPM-L442PanasonnicJapan
    Driving unitDriver servo motorBCH0801*1*1C  400W2schneiderFrance

    Driver servo driverLXM23CU04M3X   400W2schneiderFrance
    Electric eye unitHigh speed fiber sensorFX-3012PanasonnicJapan
    Electric eye for bottle monitorfiber sensorCX-4421PanasonnicJapan
    Conveyor unitFrequency converterATV12H075M21schneiderFrance
    electrical cabinets


    Touce screenMT6070IR    7.0'1weinviewTaiwan

    Swith powerABL2REM24020H1schneiderFrance

    contactorD1810   25A2schneiderFrance





    Emergency stop button

    Two position selector switch

    Botton with  indicator light

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