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    • Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine

    Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine

    Model : YYRRJ12000

    Technical Specification:

    Bottle type:Glass bottle,plastic bottle
    Product speed (b/h):12000 ( as per 500ml round bottle )
    Label material:OPP/ Pearl film/composite paper
    Accuracy error(mm):±0.5mm
    Label size (mm):(L)20-300mm   (H)10-180mm
    Bottle size (mm):Outer diameterφ40-φ80mm   heght30-200mm
    Label inner diameter (mm):Φ150mm
    Label outer diameter (mm):Φ500mm(big)
    Air compressed pressure(bar)Min5.0bar  Max8.0bar
    Air consumption0.2M³/minute
    product description

    Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine YYRRJ12000

    1.Equipment production 

    Automatic hot melt glue labeling machine, which is widely supplied for different material of container and label. the label cost is comparatively lower, it can meet the requirements of those users who have variety of the containers. It is the most economical models in cost to make mass production. The equipment has massively used modularization design concept to  make it easy and simple for users to change the bottles.

    2 Applicable bottle types

    Hot labeling machine is our company's new product to meet the abroad market. apply to round bottle of food. medicine, chemical, and other industry.

    3 Feature

    (1).delivery labeling is controlled by servo motor.

    (2)The labeling is cut accurately.

    (3)It is easy to exchange the labeling cutter.

    (4)Exchange parts is less and quickly.

    (5)Check the labeling quickly and don't waster the labeling .

    (6) 1 kg hot melt may use 60000-100000 bottle and reduce the cost.

    (7) the label material is OPP, and save cost 1/3.

    (8) the machine power is 9 KW. so save electric resource.

    Electrical appliance configuration specification

    NoItemBrandQuantity (set)Note
    1Servo motorSchneider1France
    2I-mark sensorSICK1German
    5Label check sensorSICK1German
    7Drive motorSchneider1France
    8Touch screenSchneider1France
    9Cutting knife
    11Low-voltage applianceSchneider1France
    12BlowerFengli (Hongkong)1China

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