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    Labeling Machine's Application In Mineral Water Products

    May 14,2018

    Mineral water and bottled water are common pure water products on the market. They are mostly filled with round bottles and have different content specifications. The face of the product bottle labeling, you can use the labeling machine.

    The whole machine adopts servo system control, precision electric eye detection, and various labeling parameters are stable. Solve common problems such as non-labeling, missing labels, and discontinuous labeling, eliminating many maintenance costs. The whole machine belongs to the automatic labeling machine, and the device labeling automation is high. By adjusting the parameters of the touch screen, any position on the surface of the bottle body can be achieved.

    The equipment integrates advanced technical experience at home and abroad, configures automatic bottle guidance devices, statistics on the number of labels, production number settings, and parameter overload protection and other production management functions, which greatly facilitates the manufacturer.

    Our export Shrinking Packaging Machine includes: Three Heads Sticker Labeling Machine, Single Head Sticker Labeling Machine. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

    Single Head Sticker Labeling Machine

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