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    Configuration Of Shrinking Packaging Machine

    May 12,2018

    The configuration of the shrink packaging machine mainly lies in the heat insulation effect of the heat pipe and the whole machine, which are the key to directly affect the shrinkage effect and the service life of the whole machine. Its main heating pipe:

    1. Quartz tube: It is directly heated by far-infrared radiation, electronically variable speed, solid-state regulator temperature control, stable and reliable;

    2. Stainless steel heat pipe: High quality stainless steel heat pipe, internal bidirectional heat circulating wind, heat evenly and constant. The use of electronic governor speed control, can be arbitrarily adjusted the delivery speed, to ensure the smooth delivery and good shrinkage effect;

    Product packaging products can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-impact, suitable for multiple items tightly wrapped packaging and tray packaging; digital display computer self-control temperature, small temperature difference; stable and reliable, low noise, long life;

    Quartz tube is used in the initial development of the shrinking machine, mainly stainless steel heating, the use of the majority of customers prove that the stainless steel heating tube is 8-10 times the life of the quartz tube.

    Our export Shrinking Packaging Machine includes: Two Rollers Film Shrinking Packaging Machine and Automatic Thermal Shrink Packing Machine. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

    Automatic Thermal Shrink Packing Machine

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