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    Factors Affecting Insulator Reliability

    Jul 30,2018

    Insulators are devices that are capable of withstanding voltage and mechanical stresses between conductors or conductors of different potentials and grounded components. So what are the factors that affect the reliability of the insulator?

    (1) The material is the foundation: both glass and porcelain are aluminosilicates, porcelain is an inhomogeneous body in which three phases coexist, and glass is a reversible homogeneous body in a liquid state and a glass state.

    (2) Product structure and stain resistance are the key: the glass insulator adopts a cylindrical head structure, and the bearing assembly is evenly stressed. Compared with the traditional conical head structure of traditional porcelain insulators for decades, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high strength and excellent electrical performance.

    (3) The manufacturing level is guaranteed: in foreign countries, the production of high-quality products has formed a highly automated production line with considerable economic scale and advanced technology.

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    Factors Affecting Insulator Reliability

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