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    Features Of Oil Filling Machine

    Apr 25,2018

    Edible oil filling machines generally use flow meter type filling, and the flow meter type filling is the computer to automatically track the oil temperature and density changes at any time to adjust the amount of oil, so that the quality of the oil decreases with the temperature and density changes, measurement, measurement Higher accuracy. Both use fixed volume filling and fixed mass filling.

    1. High-precision flowmeter is equipped with Germany's high-precision pulse transmitter, and the temperature is collected in real time to compensate for the density change caused by the temperature difference of oil, thus effectively ensuring the accuracy of filling measurement.

    2. The volumetric and mass measurement methods can be switched freely to overcome the loss caused by the volume filling of the grease when the temperature becomes lower and the density increases.

    3. Unique filling head design and vacuum sucking system to ensure that the on-site and packaged products are free of residual liquid contamination.

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    Oil Filling Machine

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