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    Features Of Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Apr 13,2018

    Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine is divided into Bottle Body Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine and Double Heads Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine. Application: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, seasonings, fruit juices, injection needles, milk, refined oil, etc.

    1. The position of the set of labels is of high accuracy. After shrinking, the bottles can be better highlighted.

    2. Highly stable mechanical structure: The machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, which is stable without rust.

    3. Flexible selection of multiple bottles: Round, square, elliptical bottles, etc. can also be selected.

    4. Low consumables maintenance costs: The machine adopts low-cost disposable blades, which is easy to replace and has a low cost burden.

    Double Heads Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

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