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    Identification Of Cooking Oil Filling Machine Coup

    Jun 28,2018

    There is an old saying in China that is not afraid of goods than goods, they are afraid of not knowing the goods. For a friend who wants to start cooking oil Filling Machine, do you know how to identify edible oil filling machines in the packaging industry?

      Buying edible oil filling machines mainly depends on the machine itself, not the manufacturer.

    1, look at the machine, the first is to look at the appearance, see the process; the second step is the performance; the third step is to see the warranty; the fourth step is to see the packaging;

    2. The appearance is beautiful and the machine is well-processed. It shows that it has really done a good job. On the other hand, it also reflects the level of processors.

    3, look at the performance of the machine will have to test machine operation, accuracy does not meet their own requirements, inconvenient to operate, etc., it is necessary to rely on their own

    4, look at the warranty, the longer the warranty period, the more secure the machine, the longer the warranty period but also reflect the factory's confidence in the reliability of their own machines. This also explains the quality of this machine.

    5, look at the packaging, the details of the instructions are not detailed, accessories are not complete, so as to see the production of this machine manufacturers are good or bad.

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