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    Introduction Of Bottle Unscrambler

    Apr 25,2018

    Bottle Unscrambler is to disperse plastic bottles in a messy situation and regularly place the bottles on a conveyor belt in order to meet the highly automated requirements. The function of the unscrambler is to sort the disorderly stacked beverage bottles, arrange them in an orderly manner on the conveyor belt, and transfer them to other machinery at a high speed and efficiency for the next process (such as filling, labeling, packing, etc)to increase the production efficiency of the entire production line.

    The basic principle is: use the bottle center of gravity in the finishing process, if the bottle is positive, the center of gravity will be close to the bottom of the bottle, so that the bottle will not change the arrangement, if the bottle is reversed, the center of gravity will be in the bottle, the bottle center of gravity It will be unstable, then the bottle will reverse in the baffle, so as to meet the upward requirements.

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    Bottle Unscrambler

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