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    Packaging Machinery Industry has Good Prospects for Development

    Jun 25,2018

    China is the world's second largest packaging country, with the market size ranked first in the world, and the super trillion market capacity shows the huge development prospects of the packaging industry. China is the second largest packaging country in the world. Its market size has ranked first in the world. The market capacity of the super trillion has demonstrated the great development prospect of the packaging industry. However, China is not a powerful packaging power, the main high-end packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are heavily dependent on imports, and the core technology is still monopolized by developed countries such as Europe and the United States and Japan. How to break the bottleneck of development and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry has become a topic of common concern for the industry. It

    In order to promote the scientific and technological progress of China's packaging industry and improve the technological innovation level of the packaging industry in China, the China Packaging Institute is designed to integrate all kinds of international and domestic scientific and technological resources, promote the independent scientific and technological innovation of the packaging industry and lead the development of the packaging industry.

    Shanghai yingyi packing machine Co.,Ltd, is a professional packing machine manufacturer for food and beverage. Welcome to contact us.

    Shanghai yingyi packing machine Co.,Ltd,

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    Shanghai yingyi packing machine Co., Ltd, is a professional packing machine manufacturer for food and beverage...

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