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    Four Tips For Labeling Machines

    Aug 23,2018

    The labeling machine has been developed in recent years, and it has reached its peak. Various labeling machines with different functions and types have brought convenient and practical economic benefits to numerous product packaging, such as Rotary Hot Melt Labeling Machine. Today's labeling machines are rich in variety and function, preparing for the development and demand of the packaging industry.

    Labeling is the last step of packaging, so the effect is very high. The most important thing is the labeling effect, avoiding the phenomenon of curling, blistering, etc., and achieving perfect visual effect in labeling. In fact, the labeling process is a relatively easy problem in the labeling process, and it is easy to avoid this phenomenon if we handle it properly.

    First, try to use soft label materials, and good label ductility will greatly improve the tilting label.

    Second, increase the viscosity of the label and try to make the label stick firmly. To continuously improve the surface quality of the attached hose, it is also necessary to control the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process.

    Third, to eliminate the influence of static electricity, the labeling process is prone to generate static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect. Appropriate improvement of the humidity at the labeling site will be improved. The use of an ion fan is also an effective solution to keep the labeling away. Dust, improve the quality of the product's labeling.

    Fourth, change the shape of the label, make the bottom end of the label curved, try to avoid the deformation zone of the seal. Of course, the arc cannot be opened too deeply, otherwise the wrinkles are easily caused by the problem of the label itself, which increases unnecessary trouble. For the special type of sealing, the shape of the label is required to be changed accordingly, so that not only the tilting can be avoided but also the aesthetics can be increased.

    The labeling machine not only brings more economic benefits to the major enterprises, but also adds color to our lives.

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