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    Technical Features Of Water Filling Machine

    Apr 12,2018

    Water Filling Machine is suitable for filling all kinds of mineral water, pure water, alcohol and other food industries. Pure water filling machine is one of the main equipments produced by the pure water plant. It is based on foreign advanced technology and is developed based on the filling process requirements of pure water and other drinks.

    1. Rotary intermittent rinsing is used to convey from the bottle, the bottle is placed on the shelf, the bottle is turned over, the bottle is synchronised and the bottle is drained until the bottle is filled.

    2, using a unique bottle and mouth pressure filling, to ensure accurate sealing of the bottle mouth and filling valve, eliminating the original bottle when the bottom of the filling due to the bottle is not round or the bottle is skewed and the thin wall and resulting leakage Liquid phenomenon.

    3, the use of programmable controller control, from the bottle into the machine to the packaging of the entire process of automatic control.

    4, using magnetic clutch cover head, torque can be adjusted to ensure the quality of screw cap.

    5 All parts that come in contact with liquids are made of stainless steel and meet food hygiene requirements.

    Water Filling Machine

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