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    Three Functions of Packaging Machinery

    Jul 17,2018

    1. It can reduce the packaging cost and save the storage cost. For loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc, it can be compressed and packed by compression packaging machine, which can greatly reduce the volume and reduce the packaging cost. At the same time, because the volume is greatly reduced, the storage capacity is saved, the storage cost is reduced, and transportation is facilitated.

    2. It can reliably ensure the hygiene of certain products, such as food and medicine packaging. According to the hygiene law, it is not allowed to be packaged by hand because it will pollute the product, and the mechanical packaging avoids direct contact with food and medicine, ensuring hygiene. quality.

    3. Promote the development of related industries Packaging machinery is a comprehensive science involving materials, processes, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automatic control and other disciplines, requiring the simultaneous and coordinated development of all relevant disciplines, in any discipline. The problem will affect the overall performance of the packaging machine. Therefore, the development of packaging machinery will strongly promote the progress of related disciplines.

    In addition, in order to meet the needs of high-speed packaging of packaging machinery, its related front and rear processes are bound to adapt to it, which promotes the simultaneous development of related processes. We can supply Bottle Body Labeling Machine, CSD Filling Machine,etc. Welcome to contact us.

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