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    • Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine

    Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine

    Model : YYHML- 2024R

    product description

    Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine YYHML- 2024R

    Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine YYHML- 2024R

    Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine YYHML- 2024R

    Machine introduction:

    The hot melt adhesive OPP labeling machine for rotary, run continuously stick mark new labeling machine;The equipment can automatically adjust the container into and out of the transmission;By the conveyor belt of container is bottle screw, according to the spacing distance apart of the star wheel, and then import the star wheel to deliver container to the container on the turntable, and containers by pressure bottle mould seat to fasten on the container, the container start according to certain speed rotation;Rotates in the process of mechanical product reserve;And according to the mechanism path to locate labeling
    When the container arrived at magic eye detection, computer mainframe control tags to send to send the standard system, when the completion of a send the action, high-speed label cutting knife to cut off;With sanyo small inertia high speed servo motor, guarantee the accuracy and stability of the high speed to send label and cutting mark
    Cut off the tags to the glue system;In this part, the system of two parts, tag fore and aft edge glue, the glue way makes the lowest consumption of hot melt adhesive
    Have glue label when transferred to the label position, labels can accurately and effectively to the container.Because in the process of transfer of a label, container under rotational state, therefore, the label can smoothly, the stick closely to the container.In sizing tail strip can form a good label lap joint sealing, completed a labeling process


     Whole process:



    Technical Specification:

    Power supply: 3-phase 380V 50Hz 8000W

    Length of labeling machine: 4200 mm (Length of conveyor belt: 4200mm; can be adjust by actual size according to client’s production line )

    Width of labeling machine: 2500mm

    Speed of conveyor belt: 50 m/ min (can be adjust by actual production’s condition)

    Method of speed adjustment: Uninterrupted-adjust rate

    Max. speed of label feeding: 90 meters labels /min

    Max. speed of labeling: 24000 bottles/hour for round bottle (can be adjust by actual production’s condition) 

    Label feeding precise: ± 1mm

    Labeling precise: ±1mm

    Bottle size: Round bottle

    Max. Width of label: 140mm(standard width, can add width according to actual products’ size)

    Max. length of label: 500mm

    Max. external diameter of label roll: 600mm

    Paper core diameter: 152mm

    Labeling glue: hot melt glue, to paste label at two ends only. For Glue nozzle Nordson-England/Robatech-Italy,brand is preferred along with glue scrapper.

    Glue coating temperature: 120~160℃ (Glue model: Germany Henkel 362)

    Label type: OPP Thin film label, paper-plastic complex film label, paper label

    Labeling station: JND-2024R  20 stations around the circle. 

    The quantity of labeling moulds: Standardized configuration is 1 set (Subject to 1 type of bottle specification, include inlet screw stem, inlet star wheel, outlet star wheel, bracket etc. )

    Type of labeling product::750ML PET Round bottle.

    Weight: about 3000 Kg 


    Component of machine:

    No.Parts description BrandOriginQuantityRemarks
    1Label feeding servo motorSANYOJapan1750W
    2Label feeding servo driverSANYOJapan1750W
    3Danfoss frequencyDanfossDenmark3
    4Air switchMerlinFrance
    5Circuit breakerTEFrance1
    7Emergency Stopping switch(Front, back)TEFrance2
    8Switch power supplyMEAN WELLTaiwan16A
    9Controlled cable
    Multi-core shielding wire
    10PLC Programmable controllerSiemensGermany3
    11Human interface(7 inches screen)SchneiderGermany1
    12Alarm lightQ-LightKorea1
    13Optical fiber wireKYENESEJapan1Opto electronic switch
    14Optical Fiber AmplerKYENESEJapan1adjust by digital display
    15Photoelectric switch inspectionPanasonicJapan1
    16Label detect sensorPanasonicJapan2
    17Label detect  colorcode sensorPanasonicJapan1
    18Lack of bottle sensorOptexJapan1
    19Detection sensorOptexJapan

    20System track encoderNimiconJapan1
    21Main power motor 2200WTRANSTECNOItaly1Converter foradjust speed
    22Main power motorfor speed reducerTRANSTECNOItaly1
    23Glue coating motor1: 20 wave BoxPanasonicJapan1
    24Glue coating 60W3-phase motorPanasonicJapan1
    26Transducer for detectair pressurePanasonicJapan

    27Temperature controllerOMRONJapan

    28Stainless steel
    International Standard---SS-304

    Drawing of the machine:

    Automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine YYHML- 2024R

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