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    • Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

    Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

    Technical Specification:

    Label accuracy±1 mm
    Max. Label height300mm (vertical direction)
    Max. Label width≤1/4 ( peripheral direction)
    Min. container diameter30 mm
    Max. Container diameter95 mm (customization required for ≥ 95)
    Min. container height 120 mm 
    Max. container height400 mm(customization required for ≥ 400)
    Inner label diameter φ76 mm
    Outer label diameter Φ400 mm
    Power220 V 50 Hz 3000 W
    product description

    Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

    1 Product Introduction

    It is intended mainly for sticking label outside the side face of round or quadrate bottles.The machine words stably and reliably, which leads to smooth labels, clearly printed dates and batch numbers(the printer allows three rows of characters).This machine is provided with a multiple control system, which assures automatic stop at the lacking or breaking of labels as well as at the lacking of bottles. This product conforms to the specifications of GMP absolutely. Which is widely used in pharmaceutical, foods and chemical industries

    2 Feature:

    ◆ For labeling all kinds of round and square containers, different models can be chosen for 1 to 3 labels. 
    ◆Mechanical positioning labeling device for any specified positioned labeling which is implemented during operation withaccuracy, efficiency & stability. 
    ◆ New labeling clutch to stablise the label tension for smooth operation, 3-point label adjustment device stablises the label panel. 
    ◆ Each component is CNC processed for accurate, stable and quiet operation. 
    ◆ All the components are sealed against dust. 
    ◆ All the material is corrosion resistant, suitable for industrial production. 
    ◆ Professional waterproof design guarantees dry operating environment for all the bearings. 
    ◆ Container flow monitoring device allows automatic speed adjustment. 
    ◆ Safety doors: the machine stops automatically when a door is open. 
    ◆ All electrical components comply with CE standards. 
    ◆ Automatic fallen bottle detection and elimination system. 
    ◆ Solo ONE independent main bearing facilitate the up & down movement. No locking & easy adjustment avoids position changes of the press-bottle turnplate and the main bearing during the re-locking. 
    ◆ The labeling station is synchronized with the main engine. The main engine speed is adjusted according to the infeed speed, the labeling accuracy is guaranteed. 
    ◆ Open press-bottle design allows any manual removal of containers. 
    ◆ Safety clutch prevents blockage caused by fallen bottles. 
    ◆ Waterproof container plates for round, square & nonstandard containers, fast changeover without requiring changing main components. 
    ◆ Stainless steel guiding star-wheel with well polished edges produces no scratch on the bottles. 
    ◆ Easy cleaning & maintenance. 
    ◆ infinitely variable speed adjustment.

    3 Technical Specification 

    NoDescriptionmodel8 station≤12000200/M12 station≤15000250/M15station≤20000350/M18station≤24000400/M24station≤28000450/M32station≤36000600/M
    1Single labelYYRXXXSAccording to the label and bottle sizes
    2Round labelYYRXXXSAccording to the bottle sizes
    3Singlelabel positionYYPXXXSAccording to the label and bottle sizes
    4Double labelYYRXXXDAccording to the label and bottle sizes
    5Doublelabel positionYYPXXXDAccording to the label and bottle sizes
    6There labelYYRXXXTAccording to the label and bottle sizes
    7Therelabel positionYYPXXXTAccording to the label and bottle sizes

    4  Electrical appliance configuration specification

    1HMIHITECH (Taiwan)
    2Servo MotorYASKAWA (Japan)
    3Servo driveYASKAWA (Japan)
    4Main motorSEW (Germany)
    5PLCSIEMENS (Germany)
    6PLC extended moduleSIEMENS (Germany)
    7ConverterDANFOSS (Denmark)
    8Label sensorLEUZE (Germany)
    9Container sensorKYENESE (Japan)
    10Detecting sensorLEUZE (Germany)
    11Switching power supplyMW (Taiwan)
    12Universal self - reset converting switchMOELLER (Germany)
    13Emergency off switchSchneider (French)
    14Air switchSchneider (French)
    15AC contactorSchneider (French)
    16Safety switchSchmersal (Germany)
    17Rotary encoderNemicon (Japan)

    5 Drawing of machine

    Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

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