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    • Two Rollers Film Shrinking Packaging Machine

    Two Rollers Film Shrinking Packaging Machine

    Model : YY-YCBS25

    product description


    Main performance features:

    Shrink packing machine Specially designed for bundle packing of beer, drinks and beverage, fruit juice, bottle water, dairy

    The shape is artistic、excellent, the frame is novel、unique, and repair is easy.Electronic induction feeding film, with stable and smooth transfer speed, replacing film quickly.

    Unique film letoff mechanism and constant tension film conveyor are adopted, featuring instantaneous film cutting, automatic film connecting and wrapping and higher strength after shrinking packing


    Technical Specification:

    1. Rated capacity: 12000bph, 500ml

    2. Packing product and container: 500ml,PET bottle

    3.Packing related parameters

    ProductvolumePacking patternPacking combinationPacking materialPackingcontainerPacking speed
    500mlFilm4*6PEPET round bottles15-18pcs/min

    4. Working voltage:Three-phase-five –line 380V/50Hz, 30KW

             Control voltage: DC24V   

    5.Working pressure:0.6~0.8Mpa (without oil without water)

      Air consumption: 350NL/min

      Pipe Joint Size:   Φ10       

    6.Sealing cutting Temperature:170℃~200℃

    7.Shrink temperature:200℃~280℃

    8.Packing material: LDPE   film(dust & static electricity removed)

       Width of film roll:≤580mm

       Thickness of film:0.06~0.12mm

       Diameter of film roll:≤400mm

    9.Working noise:≤65dB

    10.Total weight:2500kg

    11. Outside size: L×W×H=13840×1100×2100mm

          Host machine:  L×W×H=3240×1100×2100m

          Shrink tunnel & cooling: L×W×H=4000×1100×1700mm


    Component of machine:

    (Configuration are subject to our final confirmation)

                  YCBS-25  RemarksSpecifications and model
    Isothermal sealing cutterSHFL660
    PLC Controller                         (Automatic control core  component)JAPANOMRON
    Motor protectorGermany3UA5040-OG
    low knife cylinder (mechanical action core component)TAIWANUNIQUC
    Intermediate replyFRANCESCHNEIDER
    Approaches switchGERMANYLeuze
    Conveyor mesh beltUSADUPONT
    Heating pipe of shrink tunnelΦ20*1240*1800WΦ20*680*800WCHINA
    Heating pipe of sealing cutterΦ10*650*1000WCHINA




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