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    • Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

    Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

    Model : YY-Y100

    Technical Specification:

    Driving wayServo system
    Operation directionAccording to client requirement (left or right)
    Out put labeling speed(B/H))2000-6000( according to bottle size and label size)
    Accuracy±1.0mm(as per bottle shape)
    Apply to labelingSticker ,paper
    Labeling internal diameter(mm)76mm
    Labeling outer diameter(mm)380mm
    Apply to bottle diameter(mm)25-100mm
    Apply to bottle high(mm)30-200mm
    Apply to labeling sizeHigh 15-180mm  length 20-300mm
    Weight (kg)160
    voltageAC220V 50/60HZ single phase
    product description

    Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine YY-Y100

    1 Product introduction: 

    It is intended mainly for sticking label outside the side face of round or quadrate bottles. The machine words stably and reliably, which leads to smooth labels, clearly printed dates and batch numbers(the printer allows three rows of characters). This machine is provided with a multiple control system, which assures automatic stop at the lacking or breaking of labels as well as at the lacking of bottles. This product conforms to the specifications of GMP absolutely. Which is widely used in pharmaceutical,  foods and chemical industries

    Mark: some equipment have no coding machine

    2 Applicable bottle types

    It is applicable for difference bottles or cans. for example:  glass bottles. plastic bottles and iron or aluminum bottles, can .

    Applicator for bottle shape : round bottles. 


    (1)This machine adopts PLC control system. So the machine operation is more stable and high speed.

    (2)Operation system adopts humanized touch screen , easy to operate.

    (3)Choose the servo motor imported to prove the speed and accuracy.

    (4)Machine frame and parts are 304 stainless steel.

    (5)No bottle no label, and no label missing, no labeling blocking .has alarm .

    (6)In advance function . easy to operation. compact structure.

    (7)Electrical appliance imported, stable performance. Reduce the failure rate.

    (8)Not only Suitable for single, but also production line .

    Electrical appliance configuration specification 

    2Touch screenweinvew1TAIWAN
    3Frequency converteraidli1TAIWAN
    4Servo motoryankong1CHINA
    5Servo motor driveryankong1CHINA
    7Detection PhotoelectricLeuze1GERMAN
    8Conveyor motoraidli1TAIWAN
    9Wheel motoraidli1TAIWAN
    10Wheel motor gearboxaidli1TAIWAN
    11Separate bottle motoraidli1TAIWAN
    12Separate bottle motor gearboxaidli1TAIWAN
    14Separate bottle Frequency converteraidli1TAIWAN

    6 Drawing of machine

    Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine YY-Y100

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